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Press release: Greater transparency for the Azure Analytics Ecosystem with BARC's "AzureAnalyticsMap"


BARC, one of Europe’s leading analyst firms for business software, today released its “AzureAnalyticsMaps” showing the most important vendors and service partners in the fast-growing market for data & analytics solutions within the Azure ecosystem. The maps are part of BARC’s “ecosystem maps” project, presented on an interactive website which guides users and partners through the ecosystem as well as displaying newly released condensed maps showing the most important market participants in an aggregated view. The ecosystem maps are available for free download at


The project began last year with the successful launch of “powerBImap”, which focuses on Microsoft’s reporting and dashboard platform. It has now been extended to cover the whole Azure Analytics ecosystem. Both AzureAnalyticsMap and powerBImap include visual browsers to find add-on products and service partners as well as directing readers to free related content in blogs and other sources.


“Bringing transparency to growing and fast-changing ecosystems is one of the most important tasks of an industry analyst,” said Dr. Carsten Bange, CEO and founder of BARC. “With our offering, we guide end users through the vivid Microsoft ecosystem for data & analytics. The success of powerBImap as our first venture in this area has motivated us to extend the offering to the broader picture around Azure Synapse.”


The maps display vendors in two areas: The software section shows the vendors offering add-ons and complementary technologies around Azure Synapse in categories such as Front End, Data Management and Data Access. The service partner section includes the most important and visible consultancies, as well as implementation and support partners active in a specific region. Initially, three maps for North America, the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) have been released. Further regions are planned for later in the year. The regional maps will be updated at least on an annual basis.