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Azure Maps for North America, DACH and Benelux released

The maps for the first three regions have been released in April 21: North America, the German speaking countries (“DACH”) and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) build the first group of regions to be released.

The goal of the maps is to show an interactive, aggregated, regional view of the market. The global list of software vendors with add-on or complementary offering for the Azure ecosystem around Azure Synapse on the left side is extended by a regional, local view of the market for services around the products.

The maps are compiled together with regional market experts and updated at least once in a year. If you think a vendor is missing, contact us! We are planning an additional minor release in 2021.

If you think you or another vendor or service partner should be in the map – please read the vendor Q&A. Registering for the map is a great first step and enables you to use the platform for further marketing, e.g. for your webinars. It’s completely free.

Click on a picture to open the regional map. The PDFs contain links to all vendors, click on a logo to open:

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AzureMap North America
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AzureMap Europe
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AzureMap Benelux
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