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A world of insight with Azure AnalyticsMap

For any business today, analysing data is a critical capability: all our decisions can be better when we make them with insight. But modern enterprises also need to make decisions efficiently, quickly, at scale, and still with security and compliance. It’s a complex choice. Microsoft’s Azure Synapse platform has already, in its first few months, changed that conversation for many in the industry, not only because the platform is natively powerful and deeply integrated, but because it also brings to users a whole world of partnerships that can make your analytics more effective and more achievable.

To navigate that connected world, AzureAnalyticsMap provides you with really helpful, engaging, guides to the wide range vendors and service partners who are there to take Synapse further. You can see the ecosystem maps here:

If you need specific features or connectors, you will likely find those here. If you need training, consulting bespoke development, you will find that too, almost wherever you are.

Personally, I find the blog portfolio most fascinating. Long before I worked at Microsoft, I was part of the community sharing, presenting, and writing. In all my years at Microsoft, the community of users were my friends, my mentors and my critics. Ever since, it is the community I turn to for advice, inspiration and help.

I know so many excellent Synapse bloggers and consultants – and so many partners and customers, too. But when I sit down and explore AzureAnalyticsMap, I am really amazed at how many new ideas I discover. The maps are not just for finding one answer to one question – they open up a whole world of community, a whole ecosystem of interconnected practices, for Azure Synapse users everywhere.


Donald Farmer
TreeHive Strategy